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Method Statement - rate per sqm

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Method Statement is an OPTIONAL purchase

Only purchase these items if you require Abraxys to produce these written documents on your behalf.

You have a legal requirement to produce a site-specific Risk Assessment for you attendance at the show - assessing all the likely risks and stating the control measures you have in place to mitigate them. With a few simple questions, we can do this for you. Like Risk Assessments, the charges are a simple €6.50 per square metre of the stand space you have booked. The maximum charge is €325.00, regardless of your stand size, so enter the number of square metres you have booked, up to a maximum of 50! Once you have ordered, we will be in touch shortly to ask you more about your plans.

Rate is quoted at €6.50 per square metre of the stand you have booked. On the Checkout Page in 'Quantity' please enter the number of square meters you have booked. Maximum charge €325.00.

From 01 January 2021 the UK has left the EU VAT regime however currently reverse charge rules will still apply where the sale relates to a service. This means that countries within EU are not charged UK VAT when their VAT number is included on their online payment for all stand audit fees.

Countries outside of UK and EU are also not charged UK VAT as they are outside the scope of UK VAT.

No refunds issued where the stand plan inspection work has commenced. Full Terms and Conditions available: Click here to view.

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